Amesha Spenta is an Avestan language term for a class of divine entities in Zoroastrianism, and literally means "Bounteous Immortal".

The Great Six Divine Sparks

In Zoroastrian tradition, these are the first six emanations of the noncreated, Creator (Ahura Mazda ), through whom all subsequent creation was accomplished.

  • Vohu Manah - Good Purpose
  • Asha - Truth/Righteousness
  • Kshathra Vairya - Dominion
  • Armaiti - Devotion
  • Haurvatat - Wholeness
  • Ameretat - Immortality

​In the Gathas, each Amesha Spenta represents a good moral quality that mortals should strive to obtain. Thus, the doctrine of the great six is that through good thoughts, good words and deeds, each individual should endevour to assimilate the qualities of an Amesha Spenta into oneself.